Selling the Business benefits of CAFM to the C-SUITE

FM teams too often lose out in the battle for budget for their CAFM projects.

But research says nearly a quarter of these failures are due to the quality of their business case.

As budgets tighten and business priorities shift, it’s not enough to present the C-Suite or your finance team with a figure for a CAFM system and expect your choice to be rubber-stamped.

If you don’t make a compelling financial and strategic case for your purchase to your BOD now, your project may never get the green light.

Download our new eBook to learn how to write and present a world-beating CAFM business case.

  • Identify the key internal players you’ll need to persuade
  • Learn how to build a business case they can’t ignore
  • Calculate the ROI from your project that you can share with your BODs
  • Overcome potential obstacles to securing funding 
  • Avoid the common pitfalls in writing and presenting a CAFM business case

Expansive FM - Building a Business Case