On Wed 4th Nov, 11.30am, we’ll be joined 🔴 LIVE by Will Easton, Head of Workplace at One Eighty Group to discuss how FM and the workplace are preparing for the future.

Guest Speaker


Will Easton
Head of Workplace
One Eighty Group

Will is a Workplace and Facilities Management generalist, consultant and analyst. With a strong background in understanding data and providing evidence-based feedback to inform strategic decisions, Will helps organisations design and implement better solutions.

What we’ll cover

During a time of so much uncertainty and change, we look at how this has impacted the direction of facilities management and the workplace. This week, we are joined by Will Easton, Head of Workplace at One Eighty Group to discuss the changing face of the workplace, current trends and advice for the future.

Key topics covered will include:

  • FM teams greatest challenge today
  • Dealing with the culture shock during the “New Normal”
  • Communication amongst teams and businesses
  • How the introduction of technology impacts human interaction
  • The future of FM and the workplace

Have any questions?

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Hosted by


Adam Mason
Facilities Operations Director
Expansive Solutions

Adam has a wealth of experience having worked as FM Director at Pure Gym and before that with B&Q & Inditex. He has a demonstrated history and passion for building, rebuilding and developing facilities teams in the retail, health wellness and fitness industry.

How to Watch

We’ll be streaming on YouTube and you can watch live or a replay of the event here:


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Tom Wilcock

Written by Tom Wilcock

Tom Wilcock is the COO and Co-Founder of Expansive Solutions. He is a digital expert with a background in delivering large-scale business digital transformation. He specialises in project management, product user experience, business ecosystems and data intelligence.

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