Our cloud-based asset management module means that data management has never been easier and brings great reward for FM teams.

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Add Real Value to Your Business With True Asset Management Lifecycle

FM professionals who wish to generate the greatest return on investment from a CAFM solution will focus upon Asset Management Lifecycle. Expansive FM offers you the best chance to reduce downtime, costs and make valuable decisions on Business Capital Expenditure.

Reduces Downtime
Reduces Downtime

Servicing your assets more regularly will reduce reactive call-outs and replacement costs

Better Capital Expenditure
Better Capital Expenditure

Monitor spend vs lifetime value of your assets to determine when is the optimal time to replace

Full Service history
Full Service history

See your assets full service history at the click of a button and help identify recurring problems

Warranty Control
Warranty Control

Centre check your warranty details and validity dates before making decisions to repair yourself

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