Our cloud-based asset management module means that data management has never been easier and brings great reward for FM teams.

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Add Real Value to Your Business With True Asset Management Lifecycle

FM professionals who wish to generate the greatest return on investment from a CAFM solution will focus upon Asset Management Lifecycle. Expansive FM offers you the best chance to reduce downtime, costs and make valuable decisions on Business Capital Expenditure.

Reduces Downtime
Reduces Downtime

Servicing your assets more regularly will reduce reactive call-outs and replacement costs

Better Capital Expenditure
Better Capital Expenditure

Monitor spend vs lifetime value of your assets to determine when is the optimal time to replace

Full Service history
Full Service history

See your assets full service history at the click of a button and help identify recurring problems

Warranty Control
Warranty Control

Centre check your warranty details and validity dates before making decisions to repair yourself

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Who says CAFM must die?

There might be talk of the death of CAFM in the industry right now. But who wants it dead and why?

Contractors sometimes don’t like CAFM systems. That’s understood. Suddenly tasked with minute billing through an app or told to complete forms to track performance it can be a trial. At best they’re another bureaucratic hoop to jump through at worst, a professional insult. Read More »

Iceberg! The unseen costs of reactive maintenance vs PPM

Many companies don’t have a planned maintenance strategy and are paying the price. The trouble is, it’s not always obvious what that price is. What's the true cost of a reactive vs a planned approach?
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Why usability is critical to maintenance management software

So, you’ve paid out for your brand new CAFM or CMMS with all its shiny maintenance management tools. But as installation and training drag on for months and workers fail to use the system you’ve bought for them - it could end up being a spectacular waste of money.  Read More »

The rise of the Facilities Manager

The strategic and commercial contribution that Facilities Managers can make to a business has gone unrecognised for far too long. Will the Covid crisis see them finally emerge from the ‘boiler room’ to become key senior members within their organisations? And will they be ready to meet the challenge? Read More »