On Wed 29th July, 11am, we’ll be joined 🔴 LIVE by Peter Pritchard, CEO of Pets at Home who will be discussing how the group have navigated their way through COVID-19 and their plans for a successful future…

Guest Speaker


Peter Pritchard
Group CEO
Pets at Home

Peter joined Pets at Home in 2011 as Commercial Director and moved to the role of Chief Executive Officer of Retail in 2015. Peter was appointed Group Chief Executive Officer in April 2018.

What we’ll cover

There’s no doubt, retail like many industries has been hit hard. We speak to Peter regarding how Pets at Home have handled the strain and how they will navigate their way through the new normal to maintain their success.

Key topics covered will include:

  • Retail in the new normal – what will change?
  • Remote working – how do you build & maintain culture?
  • Tips for steering businesses to profitable and sustainable growth

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Hosted by


Adam Mason
Facilities Operations Director
Expansive Solutions


Josh Greibach
Co-founder & Director
Expansive Solutions

How to Watch

We’ll be streaming on YouTube and you can watch live or a replay of the event here:


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Tom Wilcock

Written by Tom Wilcock

Tom Wilcock is the COO and Co-Founder of Expansive Solutions. He is a digital expert with a background in delivering large-scale business digital transformation. He specialises in project management, product user experience, business ecosystems and data intelligence.

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