We know it can be a hassle adopting new pieces of FM technology. Having to master complicated new software, arrange training and change all your processes just to fit in with a new solution… And we’re sorry.

In fact, we’re SO sorry, that we’ve made our CAFM a bit different to the others on the market.

For a start, we designed it with YOU in mind.

I know. Bit of a revolutionary idea. But we actually worked with the people who use it every day to make our CAFM design as intuitive, personalised and predictive as possible.

Secondly, we designed it so it could be used ANYWHERE

We’re sorry you’ve spent years with other CAFMs that didn’t work properly on mobile or tablets. We know you move about all the time. We know you could be sitting at a desk, in a van, or be halfway up a ladder when you need to access your CAFM. So we’ve built a solution that works flawlessly whatever device you’re on and wherever you are.    

Thirdly, we’ve actually made it HELPFUL

Again, bit of an unusual take on a CAFM here. But we thought it was best. We thought you’d like to see photos of the jobs you’ve been asked to do before you got on site. We thought you’d like your work itineraries planned out logically and automatically so you’re not sent round the houses all the time. We thought we could send you notifications and reminders to ensure you’d never forget pieces of important documentation or leave vital forms unfilled.

Then we made it super-simple to LOG YOUR TIME

We’re sorry other CAFMs make it difficult to log time. There’s no need for it. With our CAFM you can just scan a QR code on your way in and out - and that records your attendance. Simple as.

We made it faster for you to GET PAID!

We thought if you could invoice direct from the app when you’ve finished the job that would make it easier for clients to approve payments and for you to get paid sooner. So that’s what we did.

We made it easy to learn

We’re really sorry about all those wasted hours you spent trying to learn other CAFM systems. All those complicated logins, interfaces and long-winded protocols. We didn’t bother with any of that. We figured we’d make it easy to pick up - after all you don’t need training to use Facebook or Amazon do you? You shouldn’t need to be a coder to use a CAFM.

We made it, you know, a rewarding experience

In this market, there’s lots of CAFMs and other software that are just adding to your daily admin burden for no good reason. It’s no wonder contractors didn’t always want to use them. Why would you waste your time zooming and scrolling to fill out yet another sh***y online form when you could just stick all the information in an email?  

But when we built Expansive FM we thought about ALL the ways we could make your life easier and speed up your process.  We thought about what it could do for you.

A CAFM that works for clients AND contractors?

Because when you use a centralised CAFM you can start seeing all sorts of benefits. You can organise your work more efficiently, you can do more in a day, you can get paid on time and in full. You can communicate effectively with the people you need to. Overall, you can improve the service you offer your client and win more work from them - all using the CAFM tools they supply and pay for.

So, your clients get access to all the data they need to run their business more effectively - and contractors get the tools they need to become more efficient. 

Because using a CAFM shouldn't be a trial

Using a CAFM shouldn’t be a trial. In fact, we work with contractors and clients to personalise all their CAFM user journeys, so that your system does exactly what you want it to do. We figure that’s the least we can do.

So, once again. Sorry about all those other CAFMs.

We hope this makes up for them.



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Josh Greibach

Written by Josh Greibach

Josh Greibach is the CEO & Co-Founder of Expansive Solutions. His passion is delivering value through data-driven strategies. With a proven track record in leading successful teams for both B2C and B2B, Josh now focuses on rocking the world of facilities management with his FM software. He's here to revolutionise the industry and help businesses thrive in our digital-driven world.

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