The Hamptons Hospital has appointed Expansive FM to be their CAFM partner as they prepare to open their state-of-the-art, 12-bed facility in Peterborough this summer.

Health care pressure is growing

As the UK emerges from the Covid pandemic there is extreme pressure on the health care system to clear a national backlog of tests and operations. Well-equipped facilities like the Hamptons hospital are needed to manage increased caseloads and deliver personalised support to patients.

Hamptons hospital state of the art

The Hamptons Hospital facility is a 12-bed daycare unit designed to meet growing patient demand in the region. It features two fully fitted operating theatres, supplied with ultra-clean air, two procedure theatres, a radiology suite (with CT scanner and X-ray), and eight consulting rooms.

Healthcare compliance demands are increasing

But meeting tightening standards and regulations for medical facilities and equipment is a growing challenge. Compliance requires watertight maintenance procedures, evidenced with documentation that can be audited on demand. CQC requirements, Legionella Control, HVAC and fire regulations, all require hospitals to continually control the risk of failure to safeguard patients, even as the pandemic has stretched resources to the limit. 

Hampton hospital choose EFM

The Hamptons Hospital secures oversight and control with Expansive FM

Earlier this year, Expansive won a competitive tender to be the Hamptons’ CAFM partner.

The Expansive platform now gives the Hamptons team complete digital oversight and control over their equipment and estate, that will help meet growing compliance demands in the most efficient way: 

Expansive FM is our single point of access, where we can document and manage all of our assets and engineering requirements

says Gary Raffray, IT and Facilities Manager a The Hamptons Hospital:

As the hospital opens this summer we will use the CAFM platform to track maintenance trends, control budgets, implement Planned Preventive Maintenance and maintain specialist equipment. Using the Expansive platform we can share work orders with contractors, set up notifications, co-ordinating maintenance and compliance activity in real-time. 

Towards paperless FM for the 21st century

The team at the hospital will use the system to deliver fast and effective compliance in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

As The Hamptons Hospital facility is being built from scratch, this will be an opportunity to build a Leaner, ‘paper light’ system from the ground up, too.  

Shifting to digital is the best way to create a centralised and risk-free way of working in this sector, but it’s also a key ESG objective. We wanted digital tools that could work across every device to reduce our reliance on paper.

Why choose Expansive FM?

And when the facility opens later this year, Raffray is confident that the Expansive team will be the right partner for a more sustainable future:

Expansive have been incredibly helpful as we’ve configured the platform to meet our needs. They’ve updated their road map to bring new features online more quickly and help us achieve our goals. The strength of this relationship and the great service EFM offer will continue to be critical to our success as the hospital begins to treat patients in the summer.

Winning the battle for budget

Josh Greibach

Written by Josh Greibach

Josh Greibach is the CEO & Co-Founder of Expansive Solutions. His passion is delivering value through data-driven strategies. With a proven track record in leading successful teams for both B2C and B2B, Josh now focuses on rocking the world of facilities management with his FM software. He's here to revolutionise the industry and help businesses thrive in our digital-driven world.

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