What's new at Expansive this month?

This month, we've focused on delivering an improved budgeting experience, parts ordering navigation and a new system to implement RAMS.

Risk Assessment Method Statement (RAMS) 

We’ve been working hard to introduce a RAMS feature to help businesses keep track of the related documents and help ensure the health and safety of employees and contractors:

  • This new feature enables users with the relevant permissions to manage a list of RAMS service types that RAMS can be uploaded against.
  • The feature allows for multiple RAMS to be uploaded, viewed and removed under a dedicated RAMS section in the work order they apply to. When they’re uploaded, by either the contractor or relevant user, the RAMS will then be stored against the contractor, meaning it’s quick and easy to re-use them for future work orders being serviced by the same contractor.
  • This feature extends to recurring work orders, where RAMS can be uploaded against the scheduled template if they’re required. This means when a work order is spawned from the template, the associated RAMS are included by default, unless the contractor changes, in which case the RAMS become disassociated.
Budgeting and Cost Control

Having an overview of costs is more important now than ever. With that in mind, we’ve introduced a new budget system to help give you a better overview of your spending:

  • We have improved budget flexibility by enabling users to choose and manage the budget type they require instead of having to choose from a pre-determined list. We have also enabled users to set budgets by financial period or year, as well as make them site-specific.
  • Additionally, we’ve improved FM cost control by providing the option to enable or disable budget overspend. This feature also provides users with live budget updates when approving costs, helping to prevent overspend if necessary.
  • We also resolved an issue where the finance summary area wasn’t displaying the correct values or correlating graphs, so users will now be able to see their current spend more accurately.
Parts Ordering 

We’ve been working on our parts ordering page to make it easier to navigate:

  • We’ve made sure all categories are visible for selection and any past orders are no longer displayed to make the page less busy, helping you find what you need more easily.
  • To make orders easier for suppliers to fulfil, we have also added the part number to each order request, so parts are easier for suppliers to identify.

That’s it for this month! Be sure to stay tuned for future updates to come.

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Megan Gordon

Written by Megan Gordon

Megan Gordon is the Product Manager at Expansive. With a background in customer care and account management, she has plenty of experience in identifying customer pain points; contributing to her role in helping to develop Expansive’s product to ensure it’s supporting its partners in the best way possible.

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