TeamSport is the leading provider of indoor karting experiences in the UK. As the business pursues ambitious plans to conquer Europe they’ve appointed Expansive FM to be their CAFM partner.

TeamSport are a fast-growing operation

In the space of just seven years TeamSport have grown their real estate from 15 to 35 tracks across the UK. Now, they are entering the European market with acquisitions in Germany and Amsterdam.

FM needs to support customer experience

Running multi-level indoor karting tracks is a complex regulatory and maintenance challenge. Assets and real estate have to be safe, compliant and fun to use for a broad demographic. The brand is also developing its reach with hospitality, eDarts and VR racing offerings, so there’s a whole new range of facilities and experiences that need to be managed and maintained by the team. 

Spread across the UK, hundreds of engineers, contractors, and maintenance workers are all supplying vital services to keep tracks and facilities running smoothly, delivering the exciting experiences their customers expect.

TeamSport look for new efficiencies

But TeamSport were lacking the digital FM tools that could give them the right oversight and control of their rapidly scaling operations.   

“We’ve been using spreadsheets, Google Drive and Excel to manage our sites and it’s been stretching us to the limit” says Dave Rich, Facilities Director at TeamSport, “But we realise we need to manage our dispersed real estate more centrally and more professionally, to control compliance risk and improve customer experience”

TeamSport look to CAFM

After looking at various outsourcing options, the team decided to manage their own FM systems with a CAFM.  Their aim was to:

  1. Consolidate their FM supply chain
  2. Manage contractors centrally
  3. Move towards an integrated asset management strategy
  4. Introduce technology to scale and support a global operation
  5. Lever data to optimise performance

CAFM makes the difference

The team have now appointed Expansive as their CAFM partner:

“We’re delighted to be working with Expansive”, says Joe McCann, Facilities Manager at TeamSport “They’ve opened our eyes as to what is possible with a CAFM and we’re eager to get going”. 

Joe is looking forward to the control and oversight that the system will give the company:

“The system will help us automate our work orders, PPM schedules and reactive maintenance. It’ll give us an overview of the volume of work we’re dealing with and how it’s being handled. It’ll give us the data we need to understand where we are wasting money and help us optimise performance.”

For Dave Rich, streamlining compliance is another major objectives:

“Compliance is a huge deal for us. There are processes we need to follow and risk assessments we need to undertake.  There is a lot of H&S documentation that we need to centralise and maintain. By shifting to Expansive, we’ll have all our checklists, contract safety agreements and RAMs all in one place.  We’ll have notifications and reminders to ensure nothing is missed.  We’ll save days of work and have the complete picture of our compliance status available at the touch of button.”

Meanwhile, uptake of the system is a key consideration:

“Usability is really important for our team.” says Joe McCann, “Expansive is simple to use and highly intuitive, we know all our staff will be comfortable working with it. And when everyone’s using the system as part of their everyday work, then we’ll be collecting all the data we need to operate more efficiently.’

CAFM supports Team Sport’s strategic goals

Commenting about the partnership, Josh Greibach co-founder at Expansive said:

“We are delighted that TeamSport have chosen EFM as their CAFM partner. We’ll bring new efficiencies to their UK operations and help them innovate as their brand grows. As they move into Europe the CAFM will cover essentials like translation, time zones and currencies. This will help them seamlessly expand overseas while retaining the centralised control they really need.”

Dave Rich echoes this:

“The time and resource we’ll save through centralisation and automation will give us the opportunity to focus on strategy as we move into new markets”

A last word

Overall, Expansive has proved a highly flexible and responsive partner as they’ve worked with TeamSport to specify their CAFM. And on this, Dave Rich has the last word:

"We wanted more of a personalised service from our FM partner, rather than just buying an off the shelf piece of software that we’d have to ‘work around’. We wanted to work with a supplier who would really understand our needs and personalise the CAFM to our individual requirements.  Based on our experience so far, Expansive really fits the bill."

Expansive x Team Sport

Tom Wilcock

Written by Tom Wilcock

Tom Wilcock is the COO and Co-Founder of Expansive Solutions. He is a digital expert with a background in delivering large-scale business digital transformation. He specialises in project management, product user experience, business ecosystems and data intelligence.

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