What's new at Expansive this month?

This month, we've focussed on enhancing our work order management tools and processes.

Improved Visibility and Oversight 

  • To enhance visibility, we have added relevant clock icons to the work order index screen. This simple yet effective addition allows users to quickly identify which work orders are overdue, ensuring prompt attention and action.
  • Efficiently managing work orders becomes easier with improved filtering capabilities. Users can now filter work orders based on due dates that fall after the current date. This feature allows teams to focus on upcoming tasks and deadlines, ensuring proactive planning.
  • Within the work order index view screen, we have began displaying the assigned engineer's name if one is designated. This enhancement allows for easy identification of responsible individuals, promoting better collaboration and accountability.
  • Our recurring work order index view screen now includes the full path of the location for each schedule, providing users with complete visibility. Additionally, we have introduced the ability to filter schedules based on specific locations, facilitating streamlined management of recurring tasks across different areas.

Greater Edit Control 

  • To ensure data accuracy and legitimacy, we have implemented a safeguard by making tasks non-editable once they have been marked as completed. This measure prevents unintentional modifications and maintains a reliable audit trail of completed tasks.
  • To optimise workflow efficiency, we have introduced a feature that prompts users when a work order has an actionable date set in the future. This timely notification ensures that those with the necessary permissions have the option to modify the date, enabling proactive progress on the task.

 That's it for this month! Be sure to stay tuned for more updates to come.



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Megan Gordon

Written by Megan Gordon

Megan Gordon is the Product Manager at Expansive. With a background in customer care and account management, she has plenty of experience in identifying customer pain points; contributing to her role in helping to develop Expansive’s product to ensure it’s supporting its partners in the best way possible.

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