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Looking to provide an easy work request process? Our simple web-based work request software is self intuitive, encourages participation and designed to ensure inbound requests are informative.

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Simple, efficient & reliable

Saving time, money & your reputation

We’ve all heard the expression of “garbage in, garbage out” and it’s absolutely true. Mitigating errors can save you money on your budget and improve the reputation of your FM team, not to mention providing a first class user experience. Our CAFM software will guide the user to select the correct location, buildings and SLA.

Access anytime anywhere

Our easy to use, fully branded request portal can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection

Photos or Video
Capture photos & video

Videos and photos will help diagnose problems and encourage first time fixes saving you time and money

Automated workflows

Automatically triage your requests based on the information inputted such as category, location or even asset

CAFM Push Notifications
Push Notifications

Keep all your contractors, engineers, sites and FM teams instantly updated with push notifications

Quicker than a phone call or email

Work requests raised in as little as 30 seconds

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Looking to provide an easy work request process? Our simple web-based work request software is self intuitive, encourages participation and designed to ensure inbound requests are informative.

Turn reactive into pro-active with our powerful PPM module which automates processes, communications and logs all your activity for auditing purposes.

Our mobile first CAFM application allows Contractors & Engineers to easily interact via the Contractor & Engineer Portal providing you with real-time and full transparency across your entire estate.

Our Dashboards turn your FM data into informative, easy to share and useful analytical insights. Whether it’s SLA Performance Reports, Asset Lifecycle, Spend vs Budget or Time Tracking – we have it… Read More »

Manage documents, photos, users, tenants, access times and any custom data using our simple Property Management module.

With Expansive FM, Contractors & Engineers can now submit their cost proposals and invoices with ease allowing FM Managers to regain control with real-time reporting and analysis

Are you drowning in administration and feel like you’re operating a call centre? With Expansive FM you’ll benefit from less phone calls, emails and general administration due to the complete visibility of… Read More »


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