Intuitive FM software

Putting data in your hands - and your teams in control

Streamline your facilities management, compliance and service delivery with a ‘mobile-first’ CAFM system.

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Take back control, keep your building maintenance compliant and your people safe


Plan better

Get accurate data to help you make more informed and cost-effective decisions


Increase productivity

Effortlessly manage your work orders, contractors and engineers


Improve compliance

Safeguard your employees and customers by staying on top of preventative maintenance

We get it - choosing CAFM software is hard

FM managers are at the sharp end.

Your responsibilities are growing, costs are increasing and you’re losing oversight.

But most FM software doesn’t help.

Configuration and training can take months to complete. And, after all that, 70% of FM software deployments fail in the first year.

At Expansive FM we do things differently. We’ve used our extensive Facility Management and software development backgrounds to create a CAFM platform that puts user-experience first.


Rapid configuration

Mobile (1)

Mobile first


Tailored to your needs

Here’s How We Do It:



We listen carefully to understand your specific challenges.



We tailor our platform to meet your requirements.



We keep working with you to make sure you get the outcomes you need.

All your FM needs answered - in one data driven CAFM system

It starts with your teams and contractors using the mobile portal to log work requests, manage quotes, invoices and track assets. Workflow automation streamlines your process, then data builds the insight that drives your strategy. Through a single, powerful platform you can see where your money is being spent, where performance can be optimised and how you should be planning future capital spending.



Work Order Management

Are you drowning in administration and feel like you’re operating a call centre? With Expansive FM you’ll benefit from less phone calls, emails and general administration due to the complete visibility of your work orders to all stakeholders

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Planned Maintenance

Turn reactive into pro-active with our powerful PPM module which automates processes, communications and logs all your activity for auditing purposes.

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Property Management

Manage documents, photos, users, tenants, access times and any custom data using our simple Property Management module.

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Asset Management

Our cloud-based asset management module means that data management has never been easier and brings great rewards for FM teams.

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Contractor & Engineer Portal

Our mobile-first CAFM application allows Contractors & Engineers to easily interact via the Contractor & Engineer Portal providing you with real-time and full transparency across your entire estate.

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Reporting & Dashboards

Our Dashboards turn your FM data into informative, easy to share and useful analytical insights. Whether it’s SLA Performance Reports, Asset Lifecycle, Spend vs Budget or Time Tracking – we have it all.

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Protecting your data with ISO 27001

ISO 27001 UKAS Management Systems

Protecting your data with ISO 27001

Cyberthreats are a hot topic right now and the security of your data is a top priority for us. Whether we’re building and maintaining the Expansive CAFM or integrating with client’s systems, Our ISO 27001 accreditation gives you complete confidence that our process, people and technology will keep your data safe at all times.